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Hammam has been a central element of oriental culture for generations; it is a charming place where time seems to stop, a place where one only takes care of himself.

Pleasure and sensuality are constantly present in these immortal
rituals of beauty in this universe of fragrance of Musk, Amber or Spices. 
Discover this very special atmosphere and let yourself be carried away in the entrancing universe of oriental women.
Entirely natural ingredients, traditionally used in the hammam
ritual to mix or apply according to your wishes like the princess
of the Thousand and One Nights.


Morjana offers « the Hammam Essentials » in packaging evoking Berber jewels. Each piece is hand made by craftsmen from Marrakech. This partnership was born from the desire to advance together. Each product is unique, a real jewel nothing but for you…

Hammam Essentials

Les Essentiels du Hammam

Morrocan Bath Ritual

Scrubs & Cress Balms

Les Gommages & Baumes

Melting Jellys

Les Gelées Fondantes

Delicious Shea Butters

Les Karités Gourmandise

Oriental Oils

Huiles Orientales

Medina Candle

Bougie Medina

Breezes of Orient

Effluves d'Orient

The Oriental Oud Line

Ligne Oud
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