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Oriental Oils

Oriental Oils

Delight your senses...


Discover Morjana Cosmetics perfumed Oils as an invitation to a dream world. Their 100% natural formula nourishes, regenerates and protects your skin. You’ll be charmed by the diversity of their fragrances. Heady, sweet, light or fresh, they are a promise of ecstasy for your senses. In a bath or in massages, they’ll become your partner for a moment of relaxation and a surprising and unforgettable escape.


Amber Oriental Oil

Mysterious and Entrancing


Musk Oriental Oil

Deep and Captivating


Atlas Cedar Oriental Oil

Strong and Woody


Pepper Mint Oriental Oil

Fresh and Toning


Cinnamon Orange Oriental Oil

Delicious and Tangy


Exotic Verbena Oriental Oil

Soothing and Balancing


Jasmine Oriental Oil

Divine and Feminine


Orange Honey Oriental Oil

Delightful and sweet

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