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In Morocco, Morjana is a small fragment of ocher coral famous for its protective and magical effects. It is an heirloom handed down from mother to daughter as a lucky charm.



Morjana was born from the discovery of a women's cooperative that produces Argan oil in Essaouira. In order to help these women in their project, the creation of Morjana seemed natural. Morjana's philospohy is based on the idea of sharing, an invitation to travel, fair trade and a commitment to ecological conservation of the Argan tree.



Through its authentic and innovative products, Morjana reveals the sumptuous and precious oriental beauty secrets to your senses. A true alliance between modernity and tradition, Morjana developed two complementary face, body and hair lines to meet the needs of spas and beauty salons looking for authenticity and expertise.



A truly professional brand, Morjana meets the requirements of beauty specialists within prestigious spas around the world. The consistent development of new products, rituals and marketing tools makes Morjana a dynamic brand that is listening to its clients and trends.

Morjana and the
Argan cooperative

On the road to Essaouira, a lucky encounter and the birth of a beautiful friendship between women from here and there...


At the heart of all our products, Argan oil  has its own surprising properties.This rare and precious oil from the sacred Argan tree is harvested by Berber women and is one of nature’s miracles.


Morjana helps and supports a small cooperative of Berber women and shares their dream to improve their living condition and to protect the Argan tree, their sacred tree.

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